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The world of public policy development and government relations is full of policymakers, opinion leaders, agencies and departments. Getting a handle on who's who and where to begin can be daunting. How, then, do you develop a government relations program in the most intelligent and sustainable way? For starters, you hire experienced professionals who can help.

Smith Harris & Carr provides consulting, monitoring, and/or active lobbying services for those at the beginning of the effort and for those already engaged in the journey. Additionally, we offer assistance with the state procurement process, in-depth policy research, and issue forecasting. We are proud of our reputation for being strategic, hard working, effective, and ethical.

Smith Harris & Carr's primary focus is state government relations in Tennessee. The objectives of each and every client are met through a thoughtful and sophisticated strategic effort. We concentrate on tailoring a specific strategy for each of our clients, and we make it work. We know every state elected official and every appointed official who impacts policy development affecting our clients. We have a history of professional relationships with the policymakers dating back for over twenty-five years. The first step with any client is to "plan your work," as former Governor McWherter often said. Step two? "Work your plan," of course!

There's really no substitute. We are deeply committed to providing stellar services for our clients. We know we must cover every committee, communicate with every policymaker and staff member, and continue to strive to be the best at what we do. We don't go home early, and we don't miss opportunities to advocate on behalf of our clients. We are there when the important decisions get made. We strive to ensure every need of our clients is met through our dedicated attention to quality and results.

Anne Carr, Estie Harris and Meagan Frazier collectively have more than 60 legislative sessions of experience with Tennessee state government. Lou Alsobrooks is the firm's Associate. We are proud to have represented clients ranging from health care and transportation to manufacturing and banking. We want to not only help clients achieve their legislative goals but also deliver opportunities for potential growth and a competitive advantage. The long-term loyalty and trust of our clients is the best testimony of our effectiveness.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to ethics. Our services are delivered skillfully and with the highest level of integrity. Policymakers and clients alike appreciate our philosophy and regard Smith Harris & Carr as among the top tier of lobbyists in Tennessee.


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